Learn about Past Perfect Tense

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Past perfect tense expresses activities or actions which began in the past and it finished before the other activities in the past.

Pattern: S +  had/had not + V3   (Past Participle)

- Before + Simple Past + Past Perfect
example: Before she went to the cinema, Mary had done her homework.

- Past Perfect + Before + Past Simple
example: Mary had done her homework before she went to cinema.

- After + Past Perfect + Past Tense
example: After Mary had finished her homework, she went to the cinema.

- As Soon As + Past Perfect + Past Tense
example: As soon as he had left my room, I turned on the radio.

- When + Past Perfect + Past Tense
When they had eaten, their mother came.

Conditional if Type III
example: If I had taken a computer course, it would have been easier for me to get a job
(meaning: I didn't take a computer course)

- Type I, If + S + V1 -> S + Will
- Type II, If + S + V2 -> S + Would
- Type III, If + S + Had + V3 -> S + Would have

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